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CAP-a-Palooza Art Sale

CAP-a-Palooza Art Sale Extraordinaire 

Donate Art
Your Own Art, or Art You Own, vintage or new
to CAP in November!


What is CAP-a-Palooza?
CAP-a-Palooza is CAP’s annual three-day* fundraiser, a sale of art donated by community members. The sales takes place December 6 - 8 in the CAP ArtSpace in downtown Ithaca. To learn more about CAP and our programs and services, visit  *While past sales have lasted an entire month, this year’s sale will be three days.

November Drop - Off Dates / Hours:
(Appointments required) November 4 to 29, Weekdays, 11am to 6pm

December CAP-a-Palooza Sale Dates / Hours:
Thursday, December 5: VIP Pre-Sale for CAP Advocate Donors (annual gifts of over $300)
Friday, December 6: Gallery Night, 5pm to 8pm.
Saturday & Sunday, December 7 & 8: 10am to 5pm

Who Donates / What to Donate:
Donate Art You Own, or Your Own Art, Vintage or New:
Donate Art that you have in storage, or art that you do not need, want, or enjoy. While it is not our intention to ask artists to donate their own work, we will certainly accept.
We Accept art that we believe will sell during a three-day sale. We like art that is clean, (no dirt or mold), framed or matted (or is on thick watercolor paper). We accept small sculpture & functional art.
We Do Not Accept: Loose or rolled up work / Work that is in poor shape unless it is vintage and interesting / Pastels that are not behind glass / Work that is over 20 pounds or will not fit in the back of a small car.
There are always exceptions to these rules, so please e-mail if you have any questions.
If we cannot accept some of your work, we can give you a list of other places where you can drop off art.
Program Director Note: As a professional organizer (, I see this sale as a win/win. We help people edit their belongings and unclutter their homes, and the donation of art helps CAP! 

Drop Off Location:
Drop off is at the CAP office in the new Tompkins Center for History and Culture at 110 N. Tioga Street, next to M&T Bank on the Tioga Street arm of the Ithaca Commons. Our office is on the 3rd floor and there is an elevator. If you need help getting work from your car, CAP staff can meet you with a cart.

Arrange a Date/Time to Drop Off Work:
See Dates/Hours Above. E-mail Robin at to arrange a date/time.

What Happens When You Donate Work:
We log in your work. For some work, we can find the artist’s name and title on the work itself, and we can determine the medium. Any additional information you can provide us (either verbally when you drop work off or sent via e-mail) is appreciated, i.e. name of artist (if not readable), where you bought the work, or anything else that you think would be interesting to the buying public.
We can provide you with a Receipt for your tax deductible donation. We will list the work you donated, i.e. two original paintings, two framed prints. You fill in details, including value.

Pricing: CAP staff prices the work to sell. It is our intention to price work low so that we sell out in a three day period. This strategy works for this type of event. Our goal is to raise over $5,000 and sell approximately 200 pieces of art. For example, paintings may be priced from $15 to $200 at the onset, based on condition, and google research. Having said that, we have had work priced for as high as $800 that has sold. Prices will drop dramatically on the 3rd day. CAP will have an art appraiser come to check out all the work. (Thank you to Evan D. Williams at for volunteering his time to CAP.) CAP reserves the right to decide sales prices (with your input.)
When the Sale is Over: After CAP-a-Palooza has ended, we bring remaining work to the Little Red Wagon Artisans Sale on December 13 and 14 ( Any work left after that will be donated to local not-for profit organizations. 

Questions? Robin at

If you’d like to volunteer your time to this sale, let us know!
We may need help with research, or help on Gallery Night.