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Your Support Makes ART Happen!

Your support of the Community Arts Partnership's annual fund makes our work of strengthening the arts throughout Tompkins County possible.  

All gifts will be acknowledged on our website and annual report unless otherwise specified by the donor.  
We'll send a thank-you letter acknowledging your gift as a tax deductable charitable donation. 

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Payable to "Community Arts Partnership". Mail to: Community Arts Partnership, 171 E. State/MLK Jr. Street, Ithaca, NY 14850.  Include the name(s) you would like CAP to use in their donor acknowledgements, your e-mail address, and (if donating $300 and up) that you would like to join the Advocacy Circle  (see below.) 

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Donate Advocates Circle!

(a pledge of $300 or more - for 3 years) 


What is the Advocates Circle?

The Community Arts Partnership has a proud history of administering quality programing and the time is right for this organization to do more. There are currently new opportunities, partnerships and collaborations being developed - and that's why we created the Advocates Circle.

Becoming a member of the Advocates Circle requires a pledge of (a minimum of) $300 a year for three years. Recently 20 of our friends and neighbors stepped forward to make such a pledge!

We invite you to become part of the Circle, thereby providing CAP with the resources needed to take on these important additional responsibilities: 

  • Working with local, state and national representatives to advocate effectively for Tompkins County's cultural institutions and opportunities.

  • Bring stakeholders together to define areas of mutual interest and develop clear messages and methods to advance those interests with a unified voice.  

  • Enrich local arts and cultural programs and projects through research and the development of sources of significant support from outside of Tompkins County.   

Benefits provided Advocacy Members include:

  • Invitation to CAP's annual celebration.  

  • Kickoff "first dibs" reception for our annual CAP-a-Palooza Art Sale Extraordinaire.

  • Monthly e-mail updates and news from CAP Director John Spence. 

Thank you to our wonderful 2017 supporters

2018 Supporters will be posted in January of 2019

** Are Advocate Circle Members


Cornell University
Ithaca College

$800 TO $4,999

Anonymous **
Thomas Bruce & Judith Pratt
Jim & Terry Brynes **
Shelly & Ron Cooper **
CFCU Community Credit Union (Event Sponsor)
Ellen A. McCollister & Robert Frank **
P.W. Wood & Son, Inc. (Event Sponsor)
Thaler & Thaler (Event Sponsor)
Wegmans (Event Sponsor)
Sarah & Stephen Wicker **

$100 to $799

Beverly Baker
Gordon Barger **
Susan Blumenthal and David Kreinick
Tom & Donna Bohn **
Brett Bossard & Kerry Barnes
Leslie Carrere & Kevin Reilly
Amy Dickinson & Bruno Schickel **
Nicholas Down & Judy Malloy **
Brian & Jody Earle
Rosalind & Howard Feinstein
Finger Lakes Wealth Management 
Tessa Flores 
Martha Frommelt & David Feldshuh
Hilary Gifford
Linda Graves & Brian Keeler
Sally & David Grubb ** 
Laurel Hecht
Kathryn Henion
HOLT Architects
Katharyn Howd Machan
Linda Jaffe
Jon & Mary Lee Jensen **
Jim Johnston & Linda Mack **
Shelagh Johnston & Louis Riley
Carol Kammen
Kate Klein
Susan Kramer **
Robert Kur & Cathy Porter
Rachel Lampert & David Squires
Susan Larkin
John & Amy Little
Michael & Shelley McGuire **
Elizabeth McMahon
Adrian McNairn
Daniel & Jean McPheeters 
Barbara Mink **
Gerry & Viola Monaghan
Moscato & Associates, Inc.
Elayne & Robert Nicholas **
Jim & Dianne Orcutt **
Sue Perlgut
Felicia & Richard Poes
Stephen Poleskie & Jeanne Mackin
Jane & David Powers
Precision Filters, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Regan
Jon Reis Photography
Frank & Margaret Robinson
Amanda Ryen-Yowhan
Lawrence San Soucie
John & Vicki Saunders
Karen Schantz & Alan Barger
Fred & Margot Schoeps
June & Robert Silberman
Pam Silverstein & John Semmler
Sheryl Sinkow
Allen Smith & Diane Janowski
John & Carol Spence **
Jeff Spence & Lisa Harris
Jim Spitznagel & Adele Durham
Werner Sun
The Frame Shop
Bill Trochim & Gwenn Kudler **
Lisa Tsetse
Lucia Tyler
Dave & Susan Wohlhueter
Christine & Stephen Zinder
Joel & Cathy Zumoff

TO $99

Carol Abitabilo Ast
Richard Adie
Ben Altman
Katherine Anderson & Max Pensk
Doug Baird
Judy Barringer
Barbara Behrmann
Pamela Bleiwas
Celia Bowers
Hunt & Mary Bradley
Ed Brothers
Patricia Brown
Mariellen Brown
Derek & Nora Burrows
Regi Carpenter
Nicole Carrier-Titti
Steve Carver
Mandy Caughey
Linda Christensen
Carol Cohen
Jim Galetka
Matt & Lynne Conway
Helena Cooper
Annette Corth
David Cutter
Camille Doucet
Michael Duttweiler
Marcia Eames Sheavly
Patty Elwin Davis
Rebecca Godin
Gerald Gould
Daniel & Karen Governanti
Nerys Gregory
Charles Guttman & Shirley Ladd
Dede Hatch Photography
George Holets
John Hopper
Mary Beth Ihnken
Polly Joan
Julee Johnson
Deborah Jones
Ileen Kaplan & Michael Maxwell
Music's Recreation
Karl Kayser
Holly and Michael Kazarinoff
David Kessler
Dooley Kiefer
Kumi Korf
Lois Koslowaski
Thomas & Patrice Kurz
J. Robert Lennon
Harry Littell
Fernando Llosa
Candace Lucas
Carlton Manzano
Terry & Randy Marcus
Fran Markover
Xanthe Matychak
Diane McPherson
Phil Memmer
James Miller & Chrissie Schelhas-Miller
Nari Mistry
Suzanne Onodera & Tim Merrick
Graham Ottoson
Barbara Page
Greg Page
Kristen Park
John Lyon Paul
Gillian Pederson Krag
Amy Reading & Jay Farmer
Minna Resnick
Mary Reynolds
George Rhoads, Emily Johnson
Mary Richards
Nancy Ridenour
Marilyn Rivchin
Megan Roberts Ghirardo
Victoria Romanoff
Sarah Adams
Johnny Russo
Carolyn Sampson
Lauren Schler
Bryna & David Silbert
Suzanne Smith Jablonski
Fran Spadafora-Manzella
Elena Springett
Karina Summer
Daniel Sussman
Lynne Taetzsch
Pamela Tan
Torie Tiffany
Lesley Tillotson
Matthys Van Court & Beth Prentice
Nancy Vieira Couto
Fred Warner
Linda Warner
David & Susan Watkins
Susan Weisend & Eric Devin
Richard Welch & Harriet Sutherland
Nonie White
Patti Witten
Linda Wyatt
Irene Zahava
Linda Zeito

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