Providing grants, programs, and services to the artists and audiences of Tompkins County for over 25 years

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Your Support Makes ART Happen!

Your support of the Community Arts Partnership's annual fund makes our work of strengthening the arts throughout Tompkins County possible.  Through individual and organizational grants, workshops, artist markets and art spaces, CAP helps connect a community of artists to the community at large.  Please consider a contribution today in honor of CAP's over 25 years of service to Ithaca and Tompkins County.

Annual Report, Video, and More About CAP at "Who We Are."

MAIL to the CAP Office with your name, address and e-mail to:
Community Arts Partnership, 171 E. State/MLK Jr. Street, Ithaca, NY 14850    


Thank you to our wonderful supporters!

CAP's work is made possible from the support provided by a cross-section of the community that includes businesses, individuals, artists and arts organizations.

The New York State Council on the Arts provides general operating, program and project support. Locally, we receive general operating support and project support from Tompkins County.

Here is a list of those who gave support in 2016.


BorgWarner Morse
Cornell University
Ithaca College

$800 TO $4,999

Shelly & Ron Cooper
CSP Management
Elmira Savings Bank
Norathco Foundation
Thaler & Thaler
Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce

$100 to $799

Carol Ast
Beverly Baker
Tom Bohn
Brett Bossard
Thomas Bruce
Jim & Terry Byrnes
Cayuga Vocal Ensemble
Cornell Development
Cornell University Relations
John Corsi
Caroline Cox
Chemung Canal Trust Company
Erin Deneuville
Brian Earle
Finger Lakes Wealth Management
First National Bank of Groton
Tessa Flores
The Frame Shop
Olan Forker
Peter Fortunato
Martha Frommelt
Karen Governanti
Sally Grubb
Laurel Hecht
David Kuckuk
Susan Larkin
Levene, Gouldin, & Thompson
John Little
Elizabeth McMahon
Adrian McNairn
Barbara Mink
Gerry Monaghan
Moscato & Associates
Elayne Nicholas
Pamela Page
Bettsie Park
Barbara Pease
Sue Perlgut
Stephen Poleski
Precision Filters, Inc.
Dennis Regan
Carolyn Sampson
Lawrence San Soucie
John Saunders
Fred Schoeps
Roger Sibley
Pam Silverstein
John & Carol Spence
Jim Spitznagel
Charlie Trautmann
Norman Trigoboff
Bill Trochim
True Insurance
Joanne Trutko
Lisa Tsetse
Lucia Tyler
Robbert van Renesse
Saltsonstall Foundation
Irene Zahava
Joel Zumoff

TO $99

Richard Adie
Ben Altman
Alan Bargar
Barbara Behmann
Paula Bensadoun
Bill Benson
Susan Blumenthal
Tom Bonn
Hunt & Mary Bradley
Michael Brutvan
Derek Burrows
Annie Campbell
Steve Carver
Helen Closs
Margaret Corbit
Cornell Development
Richard Dolge
Marcia Eames Sheavly
Patty Elwin Davis
Joyce Frank
Chris Gartlein
Chris Gonzales
Gerald Gould
Nerys Gregory
John Gutenberger
Charles Guttman
Dede Hatch
George Holets
John Hopper
Ithaca Concert Band
Diane Janowski
Polly Joan
Deborah Jones
Mary Kane
Ileen Kaplan
Norah Kaplan-Selig
Karl Kayser
Michael Kazarinoff
Brian Keeler
Dooley Kiefer
Dr. Bill Klepack
Kumi Korf
Thomas Kurz
Rachel Lampert
Rob Licht
Barbara Logan
Terry Marcus
Fran Markover
Music's Recreation
Bill Mutch
Diana Nathanielz
Suzanne Onodera
Barbara Page
Minna Resnick
Emily Rhoads Johnson
Marilyn Rivchin
Megan Roberts Ghirardo
Rosemary Rukaven
Johnny Russo
Susan Sarabasha
Ed Schulman
Robin Schuttenberg
Mary Shelley
Connie Shipos
June Silberman
Bryna Silbert
Werner Sun
Lynne Taetzsch
Dan Tracy
Mattys Van Court
Margaret Van Houtte
Nancy Viera Couto
Fred Warner
David Watkins
Thomas Weiler
Susan Weisand
Richard Welch
Evan Williams
Robyn Wishna

If your name has been incorrectly listed above, please contact Regi Carpenter,