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In April of 2018, Civic Ensemble and Cornell’s Department of Performing and Media Arts co-produced a workshop production of THE LONELINESS PROJECT, a new documentary play about loneliness in LGBTQIA+ youth and senior communities. Crafted from 60+ interviews with members of Chicago’s LGBTQIA+ communities, THE LONELINESS PROJECT is a tale of fierce activism, profound loneliness, and remarkable resilience.  The play and workshops in tandem lend themselves to entertaining important, intergenerational dialogue, gaining new understanding throughout the process.

Caitlin Kane, one of the creators says "We knew we were interested in this concept of loneliness, and youth and seniors are involved -- what do we do with that?  “This project is exciting for the Civic Ensemble,” Kane says, “Civic hasn’t done a lot of LGBTQ+ work, so we're excited to be connecting with those populations, which are so present here. Part of it is that it is such an LGBTQ+ friendly town, but it’s not a place where there are a lot of gatherings. So, we’re creating that space for a while.”

 With the support of this CAP grant, The Loneliness Project can wholeheartedly invest in this ongoing discovery of stories in need of being told. We can't wait to see what might be uncovered during this process!