Spring Writes is an annual program of Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County

Spring Writes 2021 Schedule

40 Literary Themed Events.  Over 100 Local Writers!
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Almost all events are being taped and we expect to post the videos on this page by May 25th

Questions?: Robin Schwartz, CAP Program & Grant Director

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Wednesday, May 5
Thursday, May 6
Friday, May 7
Saturday, May 8
Sunday, May 9
Thursday, May 13
Friday, May 14
Saturday, May 15
Sunday May 16

Other May & June Local Literary Events
Spring Writes Workshops - Late May through November

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Wednesday, May 5

6:30 -7:30pm
Poetry and Prose Open Mic

Join us for the Tompkins County Public Library (TCPL) hosted Prose and Poetry Open Mic! Local poets and prose writers will have the opportunity to showcase their work during a free virtual open mic event. This event is open to writers of all ages and experience levels, and of course you are invited to be the audience! When you register, please indicate whether you would like to read, or be in the audience. A follow up e-mail from the library will be sent to readers.

Panel: Writing for the Ears

This panel, featuring Nick Salvato, Jeremy Braddock, Caroline Levine, Aoise Stratford and Katie Marks will discuss the challenges and delights of writing for audio. What considerations shape writing for performers we can't see? How are sounds used to create a landscape? How does narrative function in podcasts? And what changes in the process of adaptation for recorded or live listening? We'll talk about podcasts, radio plays, and the site specific 'headphone walking play' among other forms of writing for the ears.

7:10 -8:15pm
Group Reading: Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction

Join us for a Group Reading with local writers Mary Lorson (Creative Non-Fiction), Dan Kopcow (Fiction), David Guaspari (Creative Non-Fiction), Brenna Fitzgerald (Creative Non-Fiction) and Lizzie Frank (Fiction).

A Recording of the Panel and Group Reading will be here soon!

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Thursday, May 6

noon to 1:30pm
Reading: Poetry and the Pandemic

Hosted by the Tompkins County Public Library (TCPL). "Poetry and the Pandemic: A Reading and Conversation". The Aladdin Poets, Peter Fortunato, Laura Glenn, Gail Holst-Warhaft, Jack Hopper, read poems composed during the time of the Pandemic. Audience Q&A to follow.

A Recording of the Group Reading will be here soon 

Group Reading - Poetry, Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction

Join us for a group reading with local writers Mary Gilliland (Poetry), e. Stuelke (Fiction), Gregg Weatherby (Poetry), Dan Smalls (Creative Non-Fiction), and Clara Barnhart (Poetry).

A Recording of the Group Reading will be here soon  

Event: Literary Jeopardy!

This. Is. Jeopardy! Local author and veteran trivia host Bob Proehl presents a very special edition of Celebrity Literary Jeopardy, with all star contestants Samuel Buggeln, Artistic Director of the Cherry Artspace, Leslie Daniels, author of Cleaning Nabokov's House, and Svante Myrick, Mayor of Ithaca. Grab a potent potable and watch these titans clash on a battlefield of book references and bad puns.

A Recording of Literary Jeopardy will be here soon


The Odyssey Bookstore Presents:
The Art of Reading, with Barbara Page

The Odyssey Bookstore on Green Street will be hosting a Zoom talk, "The Art of Reading," to introduce local artist Barbara Page's newly published book, Book Marks: An Artist's Card Catalog.  This Event will include a conversation between Susan Curie (interim TCPL Head Librarian) and Barbara as well as a slide show examining how a visual artist came to write a book--- with many illustrations!  Book Marks is a captivating blend of both art book and autobiography, showing us how significant books can leave indelible impressions on our lives. At its heart is an ongoing art project consisting of hundreds of compact artworks filed in a two-drawer library case. For more information or to order Book Marks, visit the Odyssey Bookstore's online store

A Recording of the Art of Reading will be here soon 


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Friday, May 7

Panel: Collected Work: On Writing Short Forms, and Gathering Them into Book Form

In this process-oriented, multi-genre panel discussion, we will consider not only the process of writing short stories and essays, but also the unique writing and curating process of arranging those pieces into a collected form. By what principles does a book progress and unfold when it is not simply a long narrative, as in a novel or memoir? How does a collection take shape? Leslie Daniels and Gina Nutt will discuss their essay collections and Emily Fridlund and Jack Wang will discuss their short story collections—exploring the work of combining and intertwining standalone short pieces in collected form, and how that process allows the individual pieces to complicate, amplify, and echo one another. Moderated by short story writer Kate Doyle.

A Recording of "Collected Work.." will be here soon

Reading: Boyz n the Void: A Reading by G'Ra Asim and Jack Wang

Two professors of writing at Ithaca College share their debut works of nonfiction and fiction. G'Ra Asim will read from Boyz n the Void: a mixtape to my brother, which blends music, cultural criticism, and personal essay to explore race, gender, class, and sexuality as they pertain to punk rock and straight edge culture. Jack Wang will read from We Two Alone, a collection of stories about the Chinese diaspora on five continents over the past hundred years. Readings followed by Q&A.

A Recording of the Group Reading will be here soon

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Saturday, May 8

Shadows of 2020- New Ten Minute Plays

Sponsored by House of Ithaqua, "Shadows of 2020" was a 12-week workshop for local playwrights of varying experience levels to create, develop and revise brand new ten-minute plays that explore the surrealities of the year 2020. Participants took turns critiquing one another's plays while getting a crash course in the art of playwriting and taking part in writing exercises and developing community, a process that was equal parts joyful, challenging and cathartic. We are thrilled to present a reading of some of those plays! Participating will be Rula Aslanis, Chris Dawson, Andrew Lorenzen, Will Wallace.

A Recording of Ten Minute plays will be here soon.

7:00 - 8:00pm
Black as Shakespeare

Black As Shakespeare is a presentation of the works of “The Bard” from Singing Notes and Slinging Jokes, SingTrece and Kenneth McLaurin. You will experience the works of Shakespeare in a new and enlightening way.  How do the words of Shakespeare resonate over thousands of years and new cultural experiences?  What if Shakespeare was reincarnated in 2021 as a middle age Black couple who are writers and entertainers? What if Shakespeare was a talented Black R&B singer who sang their sonnets? What if Shakespeare was a talented Black whose Romeo and Juliet was not about the Mongagues and the Capulets, but about the Whites and the Blacks? Show up and find out. 

A Recording of Black as Shakespeare plays will be here soon.

8:10 - 9:10pm
Reading: Ithaca College Writing Students' Senior Project Showcase

Senior Writing majors from Ithaca College read excerpts from their final projects, which are works pursued independently while under the guidance of professor mentors. The event will cut across genres, including pieces from poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction. Senior Writing Students are Audra Joiner, Lauren Eng, Leah Skay, Georgia Riordan, and Allison Reynolds. This event was organized by CAP intern, Adam Dee.

A Recording of IC Writing students will be here soon.

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Sunday, May 9

Panel: The Crafty Look

What does a writer’s process look like? What if you pop the hood on craft at work, what would you see? A biographer, novelist, memoirist, and poet de-mystify the writing process. They share images of the actual work of research: spreadsheets, maps, photographs, lists, interviews, anything at all that contributes to their creative process and work with Amy Reading, Eleanor Henderson, Cory Brown, and Sorayya Khan.

A Recording of this panel will be here soon  

Stolen Joy Project, Film Screening

Village at Ithaca will screen the Stolen Joy Project, a short film featuring a collection of stories from people of color, performed by local actors, recounting times when their joy was stolen by the oppressive hand of an education system designed to oppress. The screening will be followed by a short Q&A afterwards to expand the conversation around larger oppressive, racist systems that operate within public schools.
A Recording of the Event will be here soon  

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Thursday, May 13

Trampoline Storytelling Competition: Climate Change and Social Justice

Trampoline is Ithaca's premiere monthly competitive storytelling event. For this very special edition of Trampoline, we are curating a night of some of our best storytellers sharing stories about climate change and social justice. This will be a live competitive event with local celebrity judges and the winner of the night receiving a great prize. Presented by Mickie Quinn.

There is no registration for this event. Just click HERE on May 13th at 7pm and you'll in the zoom event! 

The Senior Troupe of Lifelong performs Stories from their lives, a film and a talkback

The Senior Theatre Troupe of Lifelong performs stories from our lives as living history theatre. Each season the troupe picks a theme and writes a story, which is then refined both individually and collaboratively to create a staged reading to perform. The stories are both humorous and serious and are stories from their lives. This year, as we did last year, we will be showing a video of the troupe reading their stories about cars along with archival footage, photos, music and more. After the video, we will have a live talkback with troupe members. . Troupe members in alphabetical order: Caryl Henry Alexander. Janie Bibbie, Emily Johnson, Carol Santucci, Michael Schaff, Jean Senegas, Deirdre Silverman, Mark Silverman and Paula Twomey. 
Click HERE for the great trailer for this event! 

Registration for this event is below next event

Past and Present Tompkins County Poet Laureates

In 2001, the Tompkins County Legislature created the position of Tompkins County Poet Laureate to honor local outstanding poets, integrate poetry into the community, enrich the education of our young people, and enhance the county’s position as a cultural center. Join past and present Poet Laureates: Katharyn Howd Machan (2002-2004), Michelle Courtney Berry (2004-2006), Paul Hamill (2007-2009), Jay Leeming (2010-2011), Gail Holst-Warhaft (2011-2012), Jack Hopper (2015-2016), Melissa Tuckey (2019-2020), and current Poet Laureate Christine Kitano.

May 13th Registration HERE for two events: Senior Troupe, & "Past and Present: Poet Laureates" (Join the call for either or both events)

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Friday, May 14

"Thursdays Writing Group" Readings

The Thursdays Writers Group Reads Again with "Writing Through the Pandemic." We are a group who has been writing together and sharing our work for many years. We are playwrights, published poets, a filmmaker, a songwriter, a scientist, performers and storytellers. Join Barbara Anger, Mara Alper, Stacey Murphy, Rob Sullivan, Saskya van Nouhuys, Ann Wexler, Aino Waller. and Yvonne Fisher.

Registration for this event is below next event

Group Reading on the Theme of Social Justice

Join writers, both local and regional, reading work about Social Justice: Elizabeth Seldin (Fiction), Akua Hope (Poetry), Kuuka Dzigbordi Yomekpe (Creative Non-Fiction), Yael Daphne Saar (Poetry), and Karen Faris (Poetry).

May 14th Registration HERE for two events: Thursdays Writing Group," & Social Justice Themed Readings (Join the call for either or both events)

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Saturday, May 15

Group Reading - mostly Poetry and a Book Juggler

Join local writers Roger Hecht (Poetry), Nora Snyder (Poetry), Stacey Murphy (Poetry), Tiffany Fleming (Poetry), and Chris Holmes (Promoting Literacy, then Book Juggling).

Registration for this event is below next event

A Spring Posy: Playwrights in Performance

A virtual performance of short-short plays by a cornucopia of local (Tompkins County-based) playwrights and theater-makers curated by Ross Haarstad of Theatre Incognita. Playwrights include: Arthur Bicknell, Sarah K. Chalmers, Yvonne Fisher, Mikel Moss, Judith Pratt, Saviana Stanescu, Aoise Stratford, and Kristen Wright.

May 15th Registration HERE for two events: Group Reading, & "A Spring Posy"  (Join the call for either or both events)

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Sunday, May 16

Poem & Prompt Social Club

Join us for the launch of the Poem & Prompt Social Club, hosted by Christine Kitano, Tompkins County Poet Laureate. At this first meeting, we’ll read and discuss a poem then work through a prompt designed to jumpstart our own creative work. We will meet monthly throughout 2021-2022 (on Zoom for the foreseeable future) for discussion and generative prompts. Readings will be selected from the Best American Poetry 2020 anthology, guest edited by Paisley Rekdal. Thanks to the generosity of series editor David Lehman, a limited number of anthologies are available free of charge to Tompkins County residents. Join us at this first meeting for full details. (If you are interested, but can not be at this first meeting, e-mail Christine at ckitano@ithaca.edu.) Readings and discussion will be geared toward adult beginners, but all levels are welcome. For more information, visit: http://www.christinekitano.com/poetryclub 
Christine Kitano has a google form HERE for you to fill out to indicate your interest in this monthly event and to get on Christine's mailing list. (Note: Her form is not a sign-up for this event. Registration is below)

Registration for this event is below next event


Students Who Stayed

Students Who Stayed is a creative writing reading by three Ithaca College students who made Ithaca their home after graduation. Local poets Bridget Meeds (Class of 1991), nicole v basta (Class of 2010), and Eric Machan Howd (Class of 1990) will share their poems and stories. Themes will include living in Ithaca and Tompkins County. Q&A follows!

May 16th Registration HERE: for two events: "Poetry Book Club Launch," & "Students Who Stayed" (Join the call for either or both events!)

Saltonstall Foundation Presents: Disability Futures and the Arts

If you are a writer or an artist with a disability, can you attend a residency or writing retreat? Join Lesley Williamson, Director of the Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts, and residency alum Stephen Kuusisto ('15), writer and disability activist for a discussion about disability, the arts, and how our understanding of design and accessibility is becoming more inclusive. As Kuusisto points out, “it’s been thirty years since the ADA was passed. This means the disabled are now part of everything.”  In recent years, residency programs have played a more active role in examining the accessibility of their facilities and programs, and have worked to address barriers to participation for disabled artists. This promises to be a lively and free ranging conversation about art, architecture, equity, and the changing nature of contemporary spaces. Join us and learn more about Saltonstall's new accessible addition!

Register for this Event with Saltonstall Foundation HERE

Story House Ithaca Presents: Pandemic Dreams

Story House Ithaca organizers Jonathan Miller and Lesley Greene play selections from the community-sourced video project “Pandemic Dreams: A Post-COVID Fantasy,” then talk about plans for Story House. Story House Ithaca is a new organization that seeks to create spaces where people of all interests and backgrounds can come together to share, study, create, and enjoy stories in all their forms. Story House defines “story” very broadly, to include works of literature, nonfiction, documentary, journalism, photography, audio, film, theater, puppetry, visual and performance art, graphics, song, dance, and every other way of communicating ideas and experience. For “Pandemic Dreams,” organizers asked community members to “unquarantine their imaginations” and create short videos about life after COVID. They responded with funny, touching, and exuberant songs, dances, animations, and other bits of whimsy. Website storyhouseithaca.org. Facebook facebook.com/storyhouseithaca.

May 16th Registration HERE for Story House Ithaca: "Pandemic Dreams"

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Additional May & June Local
Events of a Literary Nature!


Thru May 15

Social Solidarity Haiku Window Display

The Tompkins County Public Library presents a "Social Solidarity Haiku Window Display!  Viewable from the North Reading Room windows facing Green Street, these original haiku were created by community members during three separate Social Solidarity Haiku workshops held throughout the pandemic. The workshops were led by former Tompkins County Poet Laureate Melissa Tuckey, and were offered to help raise the community’s voices with frontline essential workers. The display was designed in collaboration with Makerspace Librarian Cady Fontana.

This project was funded with support from Tompkins County Legislature.

Tuesday, May 18

Odysseys: Ithaca Writers on Exile, Wandering, and Searching for Home

A reading sponsored by Ithaca City of Asylum, featuring Minfong Ho (novelist and children’s book writer) and Kenneth McClane (poet, essayist, author of "Color: Essays on Race, Family, and History"). Moderated by Edward Hower (writer and editor, Cayuga Lake Books).

Register with Ithaca City of Asylum HERE


May 20–30

The Cherry Arts Presents: Trap Door, a headphone walking play

The Cherry Arts presents a new headphone walking-play lead-written by National Book Award nominee Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon and directed by Cynthia Henderson. Trap Door invites audiences to notice the streets we travel. How do Ithaca’s Black histories unfold as we walk? When, where, and how do sites of civil rights struggles from the time of the Underground Railroad through today disclose and disguise their narratives? The headphone walking-play form, pioneered in our region by the Cherry, is perfect for a time of social distancing. In Trap Door we break the form open in exciting ways, immersing Ithaca audiences in some of the hidden stories that took place on our own streets. The play premieres Thursday, May 20th and will run Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from May 21st - May 30th, with walks beginning every fifteen minutes at the Southside Community Center in Downtown Ithaca.

Tickets and info: www.thecherry.org


Friday, June 25

Black As... Trivia, Spring Writes Literary Edition.

What is Black As... Trivia?  It’s the trivia game that is as Black As “being home before the street lights come on”, and for Spring Writes we have a special edition that is all about Black American Literature.  From Maya Angelou to Iceberg Slim, from Octavia Butler to Ibram X. Kendi, from Teri Woods to Donald Goines, from poetry to prose, whether you are a Black Person or Ally there is something for everyone at Black As... Trivia Spring Writes Literary Edition.

Allies, you have actively been working on your Anti-Racism for a year. You have read Kendi and now Allyship is strong in you. Now is your time! We have the event for you. Black As... Trivia Spring Writes Literary Edition, the trivia game about America, with some melanin in every question. Funny and entertaining Black As... Trivia Spring Writes Literary Edition is gonna be better than the D&I educational experience you were given by your employer last year.

Black folks finally, a trivia night for us. Black As... Trivia Spring Writes Literary Edition, the trivia game that is as Black as being Karen'ed. 3 rounds, 30 questions, all culturally infused with the Black American Experience, so you know it's going to be good! Way better than a paid day off, raisins in potato salad, or the Black History Month bulletin board at your job.

Hosted by Ithaca's Cutest Couple, Elbonee "SingTrece'' and Kenneth McLaurin, each question is a fun celebration of the Black side of American Culture. Covering movies, music, hip hop, pop culture, history, and everything in between. Black As... Trivia Spring Writes Literary Edition has got you covered. With $50 dollars up for grabs and all the questions melanated, hang out with us, make this a Spring Writes to remember and win some cash.

Link for Event is HERE. You enter your e-mail at this link and Kenneth will use it to send a reminder, but the link above is the same link you'll use to see the event! Just register now, but click it right before 7:00pm on 6/25!

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13 Writing Workshops
Late May to September!

Register now and you will be reminded a week before,
and the day before the event.

Thursday, May 20

Workshop: Reinvening Fairy Tales: Crafing Old Stories into New Fantasy and Horror

with Katharyn Howd Machan. Suitable for teens and adults, this workshop will lead participants to re-examine their favorite fairy tales and draw from them to create new works of prose or poetry that give the old stories a contemporary twist significant to our lives today.

May 20th Registraton HERE for Reinventing Fairy Tales

Thursday, May 27

Workshop: Dramatic World Building: An Introduction to New Play Dramaturg

An inside look at the building of a new play! Work with Adapter/Director Samuel Buggeln (Artistic Director, Cherry Arts) and Dramaturg Shirley Serotsky (Artistic Director, Hangar Theatre) as they embark on a new play development process for the script of An Odyssey, which will be performed as a co-production in late August 2021. You will learn and utilize vocabulary and concepts that are integral to new play development, and have the chance to read, hear, and discuss brand new scenes and characters, thereby becoming a part of the creation journey of this unique world premiere.

May 27th Registraton HERE for Dramatic World Building


Thursday, June 3

Workshop: Solo Performance Writing Workshop

with Elizabeth Seldin. Solo Performance can be anything from one person playing many characters to movement without words to a full blown musical. The catch is its one person and it is an opportunity to tell a uniquely personal story in a very theatrical way. It echoes how storytelling originated, with one person telling a story by firelight under the stars. In this workshop you will gather the skills to write your own show, how you can bring your specific voice and creativity to your work and how you can bring the piece you create to life.

June 3rd Registraton HERE for Solo Performance Writing Workshop

Thursday, June 10

Workshop: Infusing Writing Practice with Intention

with Brenna Fitzgerald. How do you want to show up for yourself and your creative writing? In this workshop I guide participants through written reflection and mindfulness exercises to discover and create intentions to support their writing practice. We will discuss the value of process over product, as well as committing to intentions and practices for keeping them alive with regular review and revision. Participants will come away with a concrete set of creative writing actions to embody their deepest intentions and writing goals to inspire the creator within. This workshop will help writers ground in why they write and how to value their creative process. Participants will reconnect with how writing practice serves the writer in important ways that often lead to a sense of deep fulfillment, meaning, and purpose in life.

June 10th Registraton HERE for Infusing Writing Practice with Intention


Thursday, June 17

Workshop: Activism is a Joke

The program creator of "Motherhood is a Joke," Yael Saar, will demonstrate using comedy as a path towards personal healing and social change. We will support participants in exploring how their personal stories and challenges can be sources for nuanced comedic content that can have a profound influence on their audience. We will discuss ways of achieving these goals, and give participants some structured time to write and share their writing.

June 17th Registraton HERE for Activism is a Joke


Thursday, June 24

Workshop: Freedom of the Press: A Zine-Making Workshop

with Laura Kay Rowley. Empower yourself and others with Zines! In this workshop, participants will view a slideshow presentation to learn and discuss the rich history of Zines as a way to make publishing affordable and accessible to all. We'll take a look at a variety of contemporary publishers and artists whose zines address educational, political, personal, comical, environmental themes and more. In the second portion, participants will learn a few basic book structures and DIY design techniques. With paper, magazines, glue, staples, and other materials found around the home, you'll spend time working on your own Zine projects and share work at the end

June 24th Registraton HERE for Zine Making Workshop


Thursday, July 15

Workshop: Ecstatic Ekphrastics: Poems Alongside Visual Art

with Dan Rosenberg. Ever since Homer described Achilles’ shield in The Iliad, poets have been writing in response to visual art. Though "ekphrasis" literally means “description,” ekphrastic poems can do more than describe the art they’re responding to: Some imagine being inside it, some imagine the process of creating it, and some expand the world of the art object beyond its physical boundaries. In this workshop, we will take a whirlwind tour across the centuries of some different approaches to writing poetry alongside visual art, and then we will all write a poem in response to a single work of art. Hopefully, our efforts will combine to enrich not only the artwork we all responded to, but each other’s poems, as well.

July 15th Registraton HERE for Ecstatic Ekphrastics


Thursday, Sept. 9

Workshop/Adventure: Escape a Room of One's Own: A Writing Adventure

with Lizzie Frank. An interactive workshop/adventure! Over Zoom, individuals will be lead through the fantastic story of the long-lost library hidden behind Taughannock Falls. To find the library’s treasure and escape the beasts within, writers will have to race against the clock to construct rhyming poems, haikus, one-sentence horror stories, fill-in-the blanks and more. They will be tested on their knowledge of famous passages and authors, explore new formats for their personal writing, and enjoy a group activity amongst literary-focused individuals. Challenges will use the chat and/or unmute during the budgeted time. The foremost purpose of this event is to encourage participants to utilize new styles in their writing and to emerge with new works and ideas.

Sept. 9th Registraton HERE for Escape a Room of One's Own


Wednesday, Sept. 22

Workshop: A Playwright’s Approach to Dialogue for Novels

with Judith Pratt. Novel writers sometimes struggle with writing dialogue. Playwrights *only* write dialogue! How do we do that? A playwright-turned-novel writer will provide questions to ask your characters that will clarify how they talk. (For example, do they use short or long sentences?) The session will include dialogue writing exercises and discussion.

Sept. 22nd Registraton HERE for A Playwright's Approach


Thursday, Sept. 23

Workshop: A Demystification of Songwriting

Join song writers Jennie Lowe Stearns, Johnny Dowd, and Mary Lorson break down their individual writing practice. We will investigate this craft with hopes to reveal as much of the mystery of the process as possible. Each will perform a song or two that they have recently written. We will also address the deeper questions surrounding why we write songs and what are some surprising effects the process has on us in our lives. Please join us!

Sept. 23rd Registraton HERE for A Demystification of Songwriting

Tuesday, Sept. 28th

Workshop: Try Your Hand at Cartooning!;

with Pedro X. Molina, an internationally acclaimed political cartoonist: A workshop on expressing yourself visually by creating a cartoon. Gather paper and whatever you're comfortable with –– pencil, markers, watercolors, even a digital tablet. Drawing experience nice but not necessary.

Sept. 28th Registration HERE for Cartooning with Pedro X. Molina

Thursday, Sept. 30th

Workshop: Writing for the Latinx Community

Workshop with novelist and short story writer Raul Palma for the Latinx Community.

Sept. 30th Registraton HERE for Writing for the Latinx Community


Thurs, Nov. 18th

Workshop: A New Mourning- growing through grief

with Regi Carpenter. "There is no grief like the grief that does not speak.” Longfellow A New Mourning utilizes the power of the written and spoken word in to gently and creatively guide us through the labyrinth of life after a death. Death changes people. Learning to negotiate life anew can be daunting, confusing, disorienting and frightening. Fundamental questions such as who am I, what will my life be now, what is my identity and purpose? These questions can lead to feelings of overwhelming despair, fear and confusion. But times of change are also times of opportunity. A New Mourning honors the pain and confusion one feels after experiencing a death while exploring the immense opportunity for growth, and the possibility of renewed hope and purpose.

Nov. 18th Registraton HERE for A New Mourning - Growing through Grief