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Arts Partnership Success Story

Posted March 23, 2021

Kenneth McLaurin is a stand-up comedian, storyteller, screenwriter, actor, poet, producing and performing artist who has been awarded several of CAP’s grants over the past year. He calls himself “The Funniest Person You’ve Never Heard Of,” but his recent projects and productions, as well as being named Ithaca’s Best Comedian, have seen him gaining more well-deserved attention.

In such a politically driven world, Kenneth sees comedy as both a way to escape the turmoil around us as well as dissect the issues: “Some people like to use comedy to get away from the mundane things in their life, but other people, they like humor as a way to engage and critique politics. Satire is humor and it’s critical. They say, historically, the court jester was the one that could really say the things that other people...  Read more