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Local Consultants

The CAP consultants were chosen to help area artists with the skills they need to be successful in their fields.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Success is built on connecting with the right people at the right time.
I'm working as a digital marketing consultant in Ithaca NY because I want to help people succeed. The Finger Lakes area is full of people creating amazing things and trying to bring what they've built to the right audience. Ithaca is an incubator for innovation: we live in a community that encourages its members to try new things, make new stuff, start something different -- to create. The people and the culture that make Ithaca and the Finger Lakes region an extraordinary place is built on that spirit of creativity, which, in turn, depends on getting people involved.
I believe in developing genuine relationships with supporters who are legitimately invested in a brand or project. While building loyalty takes time, finding ways to create real connections with people who truly enjoy your work is ultimately more rewarding, emotionally and financially, than struggling to hold the attention of an ungainly, distracted audience. I specialize in using digital media -- search engine optimization, social media, targeted email marketing -- to create a compelling narrative around a project or brand, generating enthusiasm and emotional investment. I'm available to work with small businesses and nonprofits, as well as individual creators.

Ryan's fee: $50/hr


Critique of your Visual Arts

Bill has been supporting himself and his family from his art for over 35 years. A graduate of the Fine Arts School at Cornell with a BFA in Graphics and a minor in Art History as well as a teacher of Painting, Drawing and Composition for over 20 years, he is uniquely qualified to offer critiques of artist's work in painting and drawing. In these critiques he will use a clear and concise vocabulary about pictorial construction (design), the ability to control the medium, the clarity of personal statement, and how the artist can better achieve his/her selected goal in pursuing art.
Bill's fee: $50/hr
Critique location: the artists studio/residence or Bill's studio
367 Floral Ave, Ithaca, NY 14850
cell: (607) 227 3837


Art Preparator
Once you've made your artwork and have a show lined up, there are all sorts of technical issues that need to be addressed. Rob Licht has invaluable experience as an exhibiting artist and preparator and can help you mat and frame your art, build supports, pedestals, and packing crates, and hang your work. He can consult with you on what is the best approach to present your work. His studio is equipped with wood and metal working tools. His services include transporting, hanging and documenting a show as well as digital printing and image manipulation. He enjoys the challenge of presenting atypical work and installing heavy or awkward work. If you have a commission or other important project you are applying for, he can assist you in putting together an application package.
Rob has been a practicing artist for 30 years and has exhibited his sculptures, drawings and photographs widely. He is the creator of the Martin Luther King Sculpture on the Commons. He has been the Art Preparator at Ithaca College's Handwerker Gallery and has worked as an art teacher, fabricator, builder and designer.
Robs fees: Consult: $80 first hour, $50 hr. thereafter shop rate: $55 hr
Office location: Brooktondale


Professional Business Practices and Selling Skills for Visual Artists/Craftspeople: Move Your Business Forward, Boost Your Confidence and Enhance Your Bottom Line.
Bettsie's consultations can focus on:
Guiding you through the process of preparing to show your work to a store or gallery; Whether wholesale or retail is right for you; How to develop, price and evolve your work to maximize profit;
Pricing your work; How to talk to people in a way that results in a sale; How to set up your studio or gallery to maximize sales, and related topics having to do with selling, presentation and professionalism. Bettsie has been co-owner of 15 STEPS on the Ithaca Commons for over 30 years and before that was a practicing fiber artist, selling her work to galleries across the U.S. Bettsie has mentored many emerging artists since opening 15 STEPS, taking each of them from their first hint of greatness to self-supporting, full time professionals.
Bettsie is also conducting group workshops for CAP. See more on our workshop page. 
Bettsie's Fee: $65/hour at the CAP offices, or $85/hour at your studio. Mileage costs may be added depending on your location.


Visual Artists/Craftspeople for Selling Successfully on
Sarah Koski is a jewelry designer who has been selling her pieces online through, one of the best known online marketplaces for artists from around the world. Since 2008, Sarah has had over 20,000 sales through her Etsy shop; and has grown her business from a part-time hobby to a full time job. Her Etsy shop, roundabout, is among the 100 top-selling shops on Etsy. Sarah has led several workshops about selling on Etsy, as has helped many artists launch their own Etsy shops.
Your consultation with Sarah will focus on presenting your items online, how to best title and tag your items for maximum exposure, how to use Etsy's "shop stats" function to inform your business practices, and many other aspects of running a successful Etsy shop.  Whether you are new to Etsy or hoping to refine and expand your Etsy presence, Sarah's years of experience will help you navigate this exciting and competitive online marketplace.
Sarah's Fee: $50/ hour
Consultation Location: Trumansburg Library Meeting Room


Consultant for Producing and Marketing Your Music
Steve is a singer, producer and recording artist and the artistic co-director of CRS Barn Studio. He has assisted with recordings for the Syracuse Symphony and West Virginia Symphony and has produced and released 8 of his own albums.
Consultations with Steve are for musicians and composers who are considering producing their own recordings. Legal requirements, and costs such as sales tax, royalties, ASCAP and BMI licensing can be discussed.
Steve's Fee: $50/hour
Consultation Location: 2622 N. Triphammer Road, Ithaca

Consultant for Managing Digital Images
Monroe is the founder and developer of and Monroe Payne Photography. Monroe is also partners with IVT Virtual Tours, providing imagery tours to Ithaca business and Real Estate Professionals. He specializes in weddings, headshots, portrait and commercial photography and is a current CAP board member. In September 2014, he is teaching a workshop for CAP to help artists learn to manage digital images: how to rename, resize, crop, edit and send images. He is available as a consultant anytime during the year for one-on-one assistance.
Monroe's fee: $60/hour
Location: South Hill Business Park, 950 Danby Road


Consultant for information about giclee printing
Stan has been an exhibiting artist and photographer for over 50 years and taught at Cornell in the Art Department for almost 30 years. In 2001 he began to make high quality digital giclee prints of his own art work on a high end wide format printer and several friends noticed these and asked if he could also make them some prints, which he did. Hence was born his giclee print business. Over the ensuing years until now he has he has made prints for over several hundred artists in the Ithaca area as well as others around the US.
Stan is the person to see about giclee printing. Not only is he considered by many as a master printer and artist he is also considered to be one of the most knowledgeable persons in fine art printing in the upstate NY area. Moreover he continually keeps abreast of current changes in the field and advances in printing technology which he freely shares with his customers and other artists.  Stan is available for consultation on digital printing issues like computer setup, monitor calibration, printer equipment, color profiles, and papers and inks. Additionally he does tutoring in software programs like Photoshop as it pertains to giclee printing.
Consultation fees: $50/hr.
Consultation Location: 203 Pine Tree Rd., Ithaca
See the website for specific print costs.


Fine Art Appraiser and Consultant
Evan is Tompkins County's only accredited art appraiser. A certified member of the Appraiser's Association of America, Evan provides USPAP- and IRS-compliant appraisals of all categories of fine art (including paintings, prints, sculptures, photographs, and historical ephemera) for all major purposes (including insurance, charitable contribution, equitable distribution, estate tax, and liquidation.) In partnership with Worth Auctions, he also provides an exceptional regional sales venue for fine art, antiques, and collectibles of all types. Worth sales are held at a beautiful 21,000 square foot gallery in Freeville and are simulcast on Invaluable, a leading online marketplace with over three million monthly visits.A native of Ithaca and a graduate of Ithaca College and New York University, Evan has presented and published internationally on art appraisal methodology and a variety of art historical topics and has been quoted by NBC News and Investopedia. Locally, he serves on the board of the Ink Shop Printmaking Center.
Evan's Fee: $150/hour
Consultation Location: Anywhere