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The Community Arts Partnership ArtSpace is a multi-use space for the exhibition of works by local artists. A new exhibit hangs each month throughout the year.

Free Art//Reaction Writing workshops
Writing in Response to the work in the CAP ArtSpace Gallery

Offered every month through October.
Creative writing workshop led by Zee Zahava.  Registration Required. More details on our Workshop page.

January 3 to January 30

Gallery Night, Friday, January 5th, 5pm to 8pm


"Portraiture that Celebrates People!"

For ART with HEART, One community activist/artist and one guest professional artist teamed up with teachers and students in the Greater Ithaca Activities Center afterschool program over the month of March 2017. This traveling art show is the result of the drawings made by the children and several GIAC staff members. The Art with Heart curriculum and project is a hands-on approach to overcoming fear and unfairness with Love and Play.  Together, we learned basic techniques of portraiture to draw black, brown and tan people. There are many things people can do to become active allies for people (including themselves) who are experiencing unfairness in a systemic way in society. In the midst of all the other actions we can and must take, it is also essential to play and celebrate each other’s gifts, talents and beauty. This project was born from love and an ache. The heart wants justice and will have it. The show has hung in Gimme Coffee on MLK street and in the Tompkins County Public Library. We’re looking in our community for the next places to hang it! Please come by! The Community Arts Partnership thanks the Tompkins Trust Company for their 2018 sponsorship of a year of exhibits at the CAP ArtSpace.

February 2 to February 27

Gallery Night, Friday, February 2nd, 5pm to 8pm

Julia Gray

"Through the Double Looking Glass"

This recent collection of Julia Gray’s photographs centers around a lensball that captures local and scattered views.  The voluptuous view of an orb takes the ordinary sight line and bends it to its will.  The lensball also sees an everyday scene but places an unusual flip.  I invite you to come spin one for yourself and explore my views Through The Looking Glass.

”That which is below is like that which is above” —Hermes Trismegistus

March 2 to March 28

Gallery Night, Friday, March 2nd, 5pm to 8pm

Robyn Wishna (photography)





April 3 to April 27

Gallery Night, Friday, April 6, 5pm to 8pm

Nicholas Down (painting)

"A Wild Beauty, the Treasure of Wilderness"

My paintings are dedicated to the wild and open landscapes of this country’s extraordinary National Parks, Monuments and Wilderness areas.

The visionary writings of Edward Abbey, John Muir and Ellen Meloy, as well as my own personal travels, have imprinted my artistic sensibility and fired my passion to make the invisible essence of such grandeur visible.

At a time when these sanctuaries are increasingly threatened, it is my artistic intention to raise awareness of their beauty and to inspire the viewer to see that such places are, indeed, treasures to be cherished.



May 1 to May 29

Gallery Night, Friday, May 4, 5pm to 8pm

Patricia Brown (painting)
& Lisa Harris (poetry)


Counting is a product of a close collaboration between visual artist Patricia Brown and poet Lisa Harris. Harris's poems are a series of meditations on the numbers 0-12. Brown’s drawings and paintings, created while a dancing model moved to the poems, expand and explore words coming to life. Counting is the first chapter in the book Traveling Through Glass, Cayuga Lake Books’ first poetry and art publication. A poetry reading and artist talk will take place during CAP's Spring Writes Festival.  



June 1 to June 29

Gallery Night, Friday, June 1, 5pm to 8pm

CAP Juried Group Show


July 3 to July 30

Gallery Night, Friday, July 6, 5pm to 8pm

Nancy Ridenour (painting)
& Paula Bensadoun (photography)



August 1 to August 28

Gallery Night,Friday, August 3, 5pm to 8pm

Torrie Tiffany (digital collage)


September 3 to September 27

Gallery Night,Friday, September 7, 5pm to 8pm

Victoria Romanoff (sculpture) & Gillian Pederson-Krag (painting)



October 1 to October 29

Gallery Night, Friday, October 5, 5pm to 8pm

Greater Ithaca Art Trail Group Show

Thank you to our 2017 ArtSpace sponsor.


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