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CAP ArtSpace

The CAP ArtSpace is a multi-use space with a new exhibit hanging monthly
Located in the "Ithaca College Gallery" at 110 N. Tioga Street on the Ithaca Commons

Receptions: on First Friday Gallery Night. 
Hours: Mon to Sun, 10am to 5pm


Terry Plater, "Moving Pictures"

Artist Talk: Friday,  January 24, 5:30 to 6:30 (See below)

The paintings, drawings, and photographs in this exhibition is primarily based on Plater's travels in Europe in 2019 and, to emphasize the act of travel as passing through, many pieces are based on photographs taken from train windows.

More than simple stock motif renderings of "pretty landscapes," this work riffs on the many ways in which landscape -the land-- works as a vehicle for those passing through to imagine, to understand, to invent, and to challenge. In this scenario, "landscape" represents the unknown as much as the known, something that conceals as much as it reveals.

The installation is conceived as a way for the viewer to take part in the process of seeing and thinking that artists rely on in the process of artmaking. Thus, rough drawings, preparatory sketches, and multiple views of repeating images in different media are displayed. The project, in keeping with the imperatives of travel itself, is a work in progress.

Artist Talk on Friday, January 24th, 5:30 

Terry Plater will give a gallery talk on her exhibition "Moving Pictures. This exhibition of oils, watercolors, and photographs is based on Plater's extensive travels through Europe in 2019. She will elaborate on that trip (especially following the footsteps of Van Gogh from birth to death), as well as the idea behind this ongoing project, and her way of working. All are welcome!


Susan Arnsten-Russell, "Touch Drawings: Illustrating My Inner Landscape"

Gallery Night: Friday, February 7, 5pm to 8pm

The images in this exhibit were created using TouchDrawing. TouchDrawing is a movement-based art practice that opens a way for what is internal and hard to articulate to flow through your hands and to be externalized as images. Each TouchDrawing session results in series of drawings that can be viewed sequentially. Although this process is not about making “Art,” committing to a regular TouchDrawing practice has resulted in the emergence of evocative images. This exhibit includes individual TouchDrawing images enhanced using various art media. Also included are pieces that represent a sequence of images because often the drawings cannot be fully appreciated unless viewed as part of a series.

Artist Talk on Friday, February 13, 4:00 to 5:30pm 

Susan is excited to share the details of her TouchDrawing practice! Come to her Artist Talk to learn more and share in her enthusiasm. 



Be Still in Haste," Landscapes by the Night and Day Collective

Gallery Night: Friday, March 6, 5pm to 8pm

Local artists Marie Sanderson, Johanna Husband, Jennifer Giibson and Annie Zigarowizc are the "Night and Day Collective". This group exhibit features Annie's mysterious night landscapes, Jennifer's fresh, luminous plein-air work, Johanna's graceful and exquisite paintings, and Marie's richly detailed watercolors. The exhibit title, "Be Still in Haste," is from a poem by Wendell Berry and speaks to the art of living in the moment. "We love that, in the haste of our busy days, we often take moments, as artists, to 'be still' and appreciate the beauty of the landscape around us."  


Weave Commmunity

Gallery Night: Friday, April 3, 5pm to 8pm

The Weave Community will mount an exhibit on the theme of Women and Power as an April pop-up social art project. 

APRIL 30 - MAY 26

Jessica Stratton, "Resilient"

Gallery Night: Friday, May 1, 5pm to 8pm

Jessica's exhibit of photography and mixed media focuses on her experiences with chronic illnesses and how they have affected her body and spririt. The exhibit features Jessica's mixed media and photography works, along with a conversational work titled "resilenceRSVP" that written statements sharing her and others stories of relience and perseverance. "My work is rooted in the physical breakdown of the human body alongside the persistence of the human spirit. Investigating my own illnesses in a series of visual works led me to the realization that being repeatedly broken and put back together resulted in my tenacious character. Instead of being ashamed of my weaknesses, I begain to take pride in them. Seeing how my life experiences shaped who I have become, I began to wonder: What makes us resilent? How do we embody trauma and move forward? My work is biographical but aims to honor how we collectively endure." 

MAY 28 - MAY 30

Ithaca Festival Group Show

The Ithaca Festival on the downtown Ithaca Commons is May 28th to the 31st.  This themed group exhibit features about 30 local artists!  


JUNE 4 - JUNE 29

Jari Poulin, "Senses in Animate"

Gallery Night: Friday, June 5, 5pm to 8pm

Jari's  "Senses in Animate" series is a contemporary, colorful, motion filled series of multiple exposure portraits made as each subject activates one of more of the five senses with the object of their desire. 


History Center of Tompkins County

Gallery Night: July 10 (not the first friday!), 5pm to 8pm

The History Center of Tompkins County will mount an exhibit on the theme of Sustainability. 


Marjorie Hoffman, "And It's Good: A Celebration of the Natural World," and Jay Leigh, "Healing Through Unity"

Gallery Night: Friday, August 7, 5pm to 8pm

The Gallery is shared in August by both Marjorie Hoffman's mosaic sculptures and Jay Leigh's mandala paintings.  Marjories' mosiac designs are inspired by the natural world and its miraculous inventions of shape and color.  Using natural materials such as wood, clay, glass and stone, she explores the potential of collaged, three dinemsional materials that often reach out beyond the two dimensional surface. 
Each of Jay's mandalas is a journey which she embarks on to acheive meditation and self awareness, considering in her process childlike energy (excitement, wonder), dream energy, and the cycle of grief. The time devoted to her work allows her deeper meditations, greater energy movement (within myself), and the opening of the dream state (vivid dreams most nights). "Holding on to that energy and redirecting it into my work has been an interesting experiement that continues to evolve."


Ithaca College 

Gallery Night: Friday, September 4, 5pm to 8pm

The Ithaca College Library will display a series of historical images from the C. Hadley Smith Collection, which features the College's campus when it was located in the City of Ithaca, before the move to Ithaca's South Hill in the 1960's. 



Greater Ithaca Art Trail Group Exhibit

Gallery Night: Friday, October 2, 5pm to 8pm

The Greater Ithaca Art Trail annual Open Studio weekends are a self guided tour of artists all across Tompkins County on October 10, 11 and October 17, 18, from 11am to 5pm each day. Check out each of the forty plus artists at This annual exhibit features one piece by each Art trail artist. Come to Gallery Night and meet them all! Or check out the exhbit during October to help you plan your Art Trail visits.  


Ithaca College 

Gallery Night: Friday, November 6, 5pm to 8pm



CAP's Annual CAP-a-Palooza Art Sale Extraordinaire

Gallery Night: Friday, December 4, 5pm to 8pm

This annual Community Arts Partnership fundraiser features over 400 pieces of pre-owned work donated by community members. The result is an eclectic, vintage, contemporary and cool mix of art priced to sell. (Donation will be accepted in November of 2020). 






Reid Palmer, "Black and White," and Carlton Manzano, "Landcape Treasures of Tompkins County"

Gallery Night: Friday, January 8, 5pm to 8pm

This shared exhibit features the plein air oil paintings of Carlton Manzano, and a collection of diptych paintings by Reid Palmer. Reid's paintings explore the relationship between race construction and the reality of our true nature. "I choose diptychs to explore this idea, because in it's simple form we observe race in basic terms: black and white. As a painter and explorer of color, I find this view to be simplistic and inaccurate. Through this work, I hope to communicate that the name of the color we associate with race is often the color of a painting or a person that is of the least importance."  

Carlton creates his landscapes from his mobile studio - a minivan - using the steering wheel as an easal. He paints in all types of weather, never discourages by the elements, driving around until a scene or a view strikes him.  Working quickly, he captures the moment in confident strokes of the brush. The resulting paintings are fresh, bold and impressionistic.   







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