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CAP ArtSpace 2021

Our CAP ArtSpace gallery monthly exhibits are both live and virtual!



Location: Visit the CAP ArtSpace at 110 N. Tioga Street, on the Commons (also home to the History Center and Downtown Visitor Center) 

Hours: Tuesdays - Saturdays, 10am to 5pm

First Friday Gallery Night Events:

Past 2021 Virtual Exhibits: here



October 2021 


Greater Ithaca Art Trail Group Show
Live Exhibit - October 1 to October 28
Gallery Night - Friday, October 1, 5pm to 8pm. Visit to see all open locations.
 This annual exhibit features artists on the Greater Ithaca Art Trail

The trail is a collection of 50 artists in Tompkins County. Some are open on the First Saturday of each month, all are open by appointment, and all will take place in live studio openings and virtual events from October 8 to 17. This live and virtual group exhibit, is a great place to see and meet all the artists and their work at once!

See Exhibit Online

Thanks to our October Exhibit Sponsor!




November 2021

Native American Heritage Month Display

Live Exhibit - November 5 - 28
Gallery Night - Friday, November 5, 5pm to 8pm

 PRESENTERS: Rich Hamell

The Art of Wampum is a month long display showcasing replica wampum belts woven by Rich Hamell of Ganondagan State Historic Site, and wampum inspired prints by Brandon Lazore (Onondaga Nation) exploring the histories and meanings captured in the traditional belt designs and the historic events they symbolize.

For the exhibit opening in tandem with First Friday Gallery Night, Rich Hamell will give a lecture on the 'Historic Significance of Wampum' and his process in weaving replica wampum belts based on the traditional designs. Histories and significance about the designs and modern indigenous stories represented in the modern wampum belts will also be shared. This program will also be live streamed and added to our YouTube and Vimeo platforms. Due to covid-19 there will be a audience capacity for the in-person event. 

Historic wampum replicas on display: Canandaigua Treaty Belt, Dust Fan/Ever-growing Tree Belt, Remembrance Belt, Unity of the Clans Belt, Women's Nomination Belt, and Two Row. 

Modern wampum belt designs on display: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Belt, Residential School Children Remembrance Belt, Three Sisters Wampum. 

Wampum art prints by Brandon Lazore on display (also for sale through the Downtown Visitors Gift Shop through December 2021) - 21 Wampums, Snipe Clan, Wampum Twist, Wave Belt, Women's Nomination Mural (the original design for the mural previously on display on the Green St. Parking Garage prior to demolition during the spring of 2021).

This exhibit is part of the Breaking Barriers: Women's Lives & Livelihoods exhibit series and is sponsored in part by Chloe Capital

The History Center is located in the traditional traditional and contemporary lands of the Gayogo̱hó:nǫ' Nation (often known by the mispronunciation Cayuga), one of the Six Nations of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Learn more here.



December 2021 Sale

CAP-a-Palooza Art Sale 

Live Sale - Dec. 3 - 12
Gallery Night - Friday, Dec. 3

CAP's annual CAP-a-Palooza Art Sale is a vast sale of donated art from community member's attics, closets, and basements. The mix  is often vintage, funky, and fun. Art is priced to sell in one weekend. The event is a CAP FundraiserDonations are accepted in November.


Past 2021Exhibits:


March 2021

Warmth & Hues: Work by Yen Ospina

This exhibit highlighted the the work of local artist Yen Ospina. She scans textile fabric and textured paper, and collages images together to create her final pieces. Read an Ithaca Times article about this exhibit by Arthur Whitman! WORK FOR SALE: These pieces are available at, 


April 2021 

Portraits and Illustrations
by Emily Sanders Hopkins

Emily Sanders Hopkins is a writer, editor, and artist who writes and illustrates a popular weekly advice column newsletter called Emily Writes Back. Her cartoons have appeared in the New Yorker magazine and elsewhere. Prints of Emily Sanders Hopkins’s illustrations are available for $40 each.



May 2021

Democracy And The Arts: Rejoice The Vote
Rejoice the Vote, is a local organization that also works state wide. This exhibit features artwork from the Rejoice the Vote Art Contest. The majority of the pieces are by young people from Tompkins County and include drawings from Lehman Alternative School high school students. 



June 2021

Transitions and Reflections:
Abstract Art During a Pandemic
with Barbara Mink and Ivy Stevens-Gupta

 Two Ithaca artists reflect on staying energized and optimistic during this surreal time. Abstract artists Barbara Mink and Ivy Stevens-Gupta’s exhibit “Transitions and Reflections” highlights paintings created during COVID-19. Both artists poured their hearts into creating emotional pieces that infused color, texture and intuition, that healed their hearts and lifted their spirits.  and 


July 2021

After the War
Paintings by Suzanne Onodera 

In After the War, painter Suzanne Onodera shares scenes of family lore and national history as glimpsed through the luminous haze of memory.

Onodera’s terrains are characteristically devoid of human signs, but in this new series, structures and figures begin to break through the ether. They have been called forth from recently- uncovered photographs, documents, and oral traditions that bear witness to two sides of the artist’s family and their experiences—alike and unalike—around the period of Japanese internment during World War II.
Visit Suzanne's website


September 2021 

Finding Wholeness in Imperfection: Paintings by Ithaca College Dept. of Art Senior, Julia Bertussi

Just as there are standards and alternatives for how individuals are expected to emote, there are also standards and alternatives for completeness in art. This series compares the different ways we emote through a visual exploration of what it means for art to be “finished” or “complete”.

See Virtual Exhibit Here