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CAP ArtSpace Monthly Exhibits - Live & Virtual

Location: CAP ArtSpace, 110 N. Tioga Street, on the Commons (also home to the History Center and Visitor Center) 

Mon 10 - 5
Tues 11 - 5
Wed - Sat: 10 - 6

(Sometimes the gallery is used for other events. Here are days with different hours.)

Sat, June 15, 10am to 11am
Tues, June 18, 11am to 4:30pm
Wed, June 19, 10am to 4:30pm
Sat, June 22, 10am to 2:15pm

Thurs, June 27, 10am to 4:00
Fri, June 28, 10am to noon
Sat, June 29, closed

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(Image: Exhibit by Hugo Medina)



June 2024 

Picturing a Resilient, Equitable, and Healthy Food Future
Gallery Night:  Friday, June 7, 5pm to 8pm

Like air and water, food has always been a necessity for life. Decisions we make about food affect the resilience of our community, the economic and social well-being of our population, and human and ecosystem health. What stories can we share to light new pathways toward a food future that nourishes us all? This group show highlights work from regional artists representing their diverse interpretations of food resilience, equity, and health.  Artists include: Coralee McNee, Kirsten Kurtz, Hannah Law, Mary Shelley, Barbara Page, Zoë Miller, Yen Ospina, Brandon Lazore, Elizabeth Sprout, Heather Ainsworth, Yamilka Portorreal, Brad DeFrees, Anna Davidson, Mark Chang, and Terrance Vann. (Image by artist Coralee McNee)


July 2024 - Two Exhibits!

Gallery Night:
Friday, July 5, 5pm to 8pm

Stand Up Women™! Social Activism in Tompkins County

This exhibit focuses on older local women social activists. In workshops led by artist/activist Caryl Henry Alexander the women expressed their activism through the creation of visual art and were interviewed by filmmaker Sue Perlgut about their art and their activism. Join artist Caryl Henry Alexander, filmmaker Sue Perlgut and the activists: Joan Adler, Yvonne Fisher, Myra Kovary, Leslyn McBean Clairborne, Sue Perlgut and Nicole Carrier-Titi at the exhibit. This project was partially funded by a CAP Artist in Community Grant and a CAP SOS Grant and is sponsored by Lifelong and Carol Bushberg Real Estate. Learn more at and watch the 3 minute video!

Margalo Guo, Voyage

Voyage is a series of oil paintings that use expressive portraiture to guide the viewer on a journey and exploration into the inner world of the human soul, expressing a teenage artist's experience of young adulthood.



August 2024 

Two Exhibits!
Gallery Night:
Friday, August 2, 5pm to 8pm

Jennifer Whitaker, Healing through Unity

“Each mandala is a journey which I embark on to achieve meditation and self awareness.  From the first piece, to the last, I show the progression from sadness and depression. Through various awakenings and connections with the earth, the sun, the moon, ocean and finally myself, the work I have created has been exposed to and absorbed all of these energies.

Tommy Beers & Peaches Gillette, Four Seasons of Farms

A selection of Tommy Beers landscape paintings will be accompanied by poetic reflections by Peaches Gillette from her book "Walking the Land". Tommy is a landscape watercolorist who captures, in great detail, the ever changing richness and spirit of landscapes throughout Tompkins County. His work touches the hearts and memories of all those who view it. The particular combination of Tommy Beer's paintings and Peaches Gillette's poetry add a particular depth to both their works - bringing community together in a new and powerful way for those who simply admire the beauty.of nature and those who find themselves centered by the poetic voice.


September 2024 

An Ithaca College Student Exhibit
Gallery Night:
Friday, September 6, 5pm to 8pm




October 2024 

Greater Ithaca Art Trail Group Exhibit 

Gallery Night:
Friday, October 4, 5pm to 8pm

The Greater Ithaca Art Trail is a mix of about 50 artists throughout Tompkins County who are open for "Open Studio" days and weekends year-round.  This group exhibit includes functional art, paintings, photographs, ceramics, sculpture, etchings, jewelry, fiber art, and more! (Photo of Art Trail artist Thomi McInyre admiring the work of Inshik Lee. Photo credit Joe McIntyre)


November 2024 

Present Conversations II : Showcasing Talent of Indigenous & POC Artists

Gallery Night:
Friday, November 1, 5pm to 8pm

This second annual Present Conversations exhibition, curated by Yen Ospina, highlights the talents of local Indigenous artists and artists of color.  This show aims to celebrate diversity, provide a platform for underrepresented voices in the art community, and foster a greater understanding and appreciation of their creative contributions. Work will include fiber, traditional, watercolor, needlework, clothing, digital art, and mixed media.



December 2024 

CAP-a-Palooza Art Sale Extraordinaire

Gallery Night:
Friday, December 6, 5pm to 8pm

CAP-a-Palooza is an annual fundraiser for the Community Arts Partnership. At the end of November, we collect donations of not-new art from community members. Starting on Gallery Night and running through December 14th, we then sell over 500 pieces of professional and amateur art that is cool, eclectic, vintage, and contemporary, and includes paintings, prints, pottery, fiber art, and so much more. (Note: We do not ask artists to donate their own work.)

Not only do hundreds of people find joy in buying vintage art at very low prices, but community members also feel great about donating their unused or unloved art to a good cause.  (Prices are low! We sell out in 9 days.)


January 2025

Ben Altman, I Own This Stolen Land

Gallery Night:
Friday, January 3, 5pm to 8pm

Ben Altman’s I Own This Stolen Land explores the artist’s ownership of 38 acres of rural land in Tompkins County, NY.  He asks: “My title to this land originates in settler-colonial genocide - what are my responsibilities? What threatens the land? What are the possibilities for repair?”  The project includes text-sculptures, photographs, video, and performance. It also provides collaborative access to the land for Gayogohó:nǫˀ (Cayuga) people, the displaced Indigenous inhabitants, for traditional and arts activities and for an enriched relationship to their homelands.




March 2024 

Lauren Reid, Shifting Perspectives: A Palette of Transformation

See the exhibit online in 3D

"Exploring who I am as I take on new journeys and appreciating every bit of growth. Shifting Perspectives: A Palette of Transformation is more than a new path; it's a celebration of the beauty found within moving forward. Out with the old, in with the new – this exhibition colorful oil painting portraits celebrates the joy of embracing change and fostering compassion for myself and others.


Jack Hassett, ISCARIOT 

See the exhibit online in 3D

ISCARIOT is a multimedia body of work that encompasses Ithaca College senior Jack Hassett's experiences as a queer man who was raised in, betrayed by, and left the catholic faith. "The artworks delve into concepts that had a profound impact on the person I have become since the rift, and make commentaries on religious ideals I believe are pertinent. Through playful critique, unique expression of sexuality, and strong visual language, I hope that in sharing my story I raise awareness to an issue that has remained unaddressed for too long."


Cai Quirk, Queer Temple

See Virtual Exhibit online in 3D

The Queer Temple is a sacred space that uplifts, cherishes, and celebrates the humanity of queer folks, especially those that transcend gender. Through a combination of stained-glass-like tapestries, this space reclaims queerness as divine. Especially in the current political climate which often reduces queer and especially trans folks to very limited and often negative storylines, we desperately need nuanced sanctuaries for exploration, growth, renewal, healing, and re-story-ation.


Fernanda Medina, You ART Here: Paintings and Memories from Two Cultures

See Virtual Exhibit at this link
Argentine American artist Fernanda Medina exhibited a new series of oil paintings, featuring intimate portraits, still lifes and images that remind her of the feeling of being “home.” A search for identity and belonging as an immigrant through art. @fernanda.artstudio


Greater Ithaca Art Trail Group Exhibit 

See Virtual Exhibit at this link
The Greater Ithaca Art Trail is a mix of about 50 artists throughout Tompkins County who are open for special days and weekends year-round.  This group exhibit includes functional art, paintings, photographs, ceramics, sculpture, etchings, jewelry, fiber art, and more!



Yen Ospina, Fluida Vida

See Virtual Exhibit at this link
Yen Opsina's new work using mixed media paint and a more abstract style than found in her previous work. The theme of Fluida Vida centers on generational trauma in latin culture and how first-generation children break that trauma. Yen's Artist Statement here.


Bree Barton, Naming the Unnamable, Youth Stories of Resilience and Survival

Read about this exhbit (Download PDF)
Link to a quick 1 minute video scan of the room (to get a sense of the exhibit): Here
QR CODES to see 6 films, audio files and a text story at this link


Grant, Colours Out of Chaos

See Virtual Exhibit at this link
This exhibit by local artist Grant, includes colorful paintings with themes of aquatics, florals, figurative/dance, animals, and abstraction.


Hugo Medina, Portraits

See Virtual Exhibit at this link
"Portraits of individuals from my travels and day-to-day encounters, I intentially connect with the 'others' of society."