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CAP ArtSpace 2022

CAP ArtSpace monthly exhibits are both live and virtual.

Location: CAP ArtSpace, 110 N. Tioga Street, on the Commons (also home to the History Center and Visitor Center) 
Current Hours: Tuesdays - Saturdays, 10am to 5pm
First Friday Gallery Night Events:

Thank you to the Tompkins Community Bank for their annual sponsorship of the CAP ArtSpace!




December 2022

CAP-a-Palooza Art Sale

(not open for Gallery Night)
Opens Friday Night, Dec. 9 - Dec. 18. 
(Art Donations collected in early December.)

Learn all about it here

This is an annual fundraiser for the Community Arts Partnership of previously owned art donated by community members! Art is donated in early December and the sale spans two weeks in December.  Learn all about it here



January 2023

Bree Barton, “Naming the Unnamable,
Youth Stories of Resilience and Survival”

Gallery Night: Friday, January 6, 5pm to 8pm. 

This exhibit, curated by local author Bree Barton, will feature the voices of local youth sharing their personal mental health journeys.

“To say the last three years have been difficult for young people doesn’t begin to do it justice.  And yet, during a time of immense hardship and unprecedented rates of depression and anxiety, these youth have survived. Naming the Unnamable gives them a forum in which to speak the truths we so often think of as unspeakable. My hope is that it also gives our community the opportunity to rise up to meet them.”

For the month of January, the CAP ArtSpace will be transformed by a dynamic installation ofaudio recordings, visual art, video projections, and select live performances. The exhibit will especially highlight the stories of queer, BIPOC, and neurodiverse youth, as well as those with experience of homelessness. “These young people have a gift. They know how to unlock the power of art to inspire, heal, and connect—and I believe our community will walk out of the exhibit forever changed as a result.

Painting (right) provided by Bree. The artist is Be Boggs. 


PAST EXHIBITS (some have virtual links!)


August 2022

Reid Palmer, "Black and White"
In esoteric and theological constructs black and white can be attributed to notions of good and evil, right and wrong, or dark and light. Here in the US we have attached meaning from the color of ones skin to these two distinctly different values. Black has been used to label those of African descent or as having darker skin. While the term White has been attached to those of European decent or as having fairer skin.  Along with these basic designations a multitude of values have been placed on peopled labeled as black or white, good, bad, and in-between.  To simplify someone’s humanness to the simple representation of their tone of their skin is not only limiting it has for centuries created a dangerous climate to live in. "To illustrate this I have created multiple diptych and other multi-panel paintings, that are essentially black and white, but attempt through the expression of abstract painting bring to life the complex beautiful creatures we are." See Reid's instagram


July 2022

Grant’s ‘Colours Out of Chaos”

This exhibit by local artist Grant, includes colorful paintings with themes of aquatics, florals, figurative/dance, animals, and abstraction. Learn more about the artist at See Grant's virtual exhibit Here



April 2022

Quilt Divas, "Looking In, Looking Out"

A group textile exhibit by the Quilt Divas, represents a visual response to a period of change and uncertainty.
Visit  See Quilt Divas virtual Exhibit Here



March 2022

Michael Busch, "Female Icons of 1930's Hollywood"

"Female Icons of 1930's Hollywood," by local artist Michael Busch included mixed media drawings (pencil, colored pencil, water color, and gouache, mainly) of iconic women of the films of the 1930s.  See Michael's Virtual Exhibit Here



February 2022

Leanna Yatcilla, "2002"

Leanna Yatcilla, an artist and illustrator, is a student at Ithaca College pursing double BFAs in Art and Theatre Production + Design. "2002 is a body of work referencing the year I was born. Each piece is a reflection on a memorable location of my childhood." See Leanna's Virtual Exhibit Here


January 2022

Hugo Medina, "Portraits"

Hugo Medina: "Paintings portraits of individuals from my travels and day-to-day encounters, I intentially connect with the 'others' of society."  See Hugo's Virual Exhibit Here!