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Your Support Makes ART Happen!

Your support of the Community Arts Partnership's Annual Fund or our new Creative Recovery Fund makes our work of strengthening the arts throughout Tompkins County possible!

Scroll down to see how to: donate by check, donate online, do a Facebook Fundraiser for CAP, or include CAP in your estate planning.

Donate to CAP, to our Creative Recovery Fund,
or Both!

(To learn more about our Creative Recovery Fund (CRF), a new grant we are launching to help revitalize our artists, arts groups and communities, visit our grant page.)

How to Donate by Check

Payable to: "Community Arts Partnership".
Mail to: Community Arts Partnership, 110 N. Tioga Street, #301, Ithaca, NY 14850.  
Include: Your e-mail, and name(s) you'd like to appear in our donor acknowledgements.

Indicate: whether you are contributing to the Creative Recovery Fund, or the Community Arts Partnership, or Both. If both, provide breakdown. THANK YOU!

How to Donate On-Line

Click "Donate" and you'll find a pull-down menu where you can indicate whether you'd like to contribute to the Creative Recovery Fund, the Community Arts Partnership, or Both.

If Both, you'll see an "add a note" field so you can indicate what amount is for each.


Questions or Comments: Robin Schwartz, CAP Program & Grant Director at



How to Donate via Facebook Fundraiser

This year, celebrate your birthday or other special occasion with a Facebook fundraiser for CAP!  It's such a great way to support your favorite not-for-profit organizations! It's easy: You create a fundraising post and then any funds raised get sent directly to the not-for-profit you are supporting.

Click HERE for PDF instructions, and Thank You!

How to Donate by Including CAP in your Estate Planning

By making a gift to CAP in your will or estate plan, you continue your legacy by ensuring that arts and culture remain a central part of our community, and that people all across our county continue to live creative and expressive lives.

The process is simple.  You can affirm your commitment to future generations of artists and audiences by including a provision in your will to give some portion of your estate to the Community Arts Partnership.  

Sample Language

Below is sample language you can bring to your attorney or estate planner.  They can help you draft the exact language that’s right for you.

To give a specific dollar amount:
I hereby give, devise, and bequeath to the Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County, or its successors in interest, with offices currently at 110 N. Tioga St., Suite 301, Ithaca, New York, federal tax ID 16-1384455, the sum of $X (written out), exclusive of my lifetime donations, if any, to be used for the Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County’s most urgent priorities as determined by its board of trustees in their sole discretion.

To give a percentage of your estate:
I hereby give, devise, and bequeath to the Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County, or its successors in interest, with offices currently at 110 N. Tioga St., Suite 301, Ithaca, New York, federal tax ID 16-1384455, X% of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate, exclusive of my lifetime donations, if any, to be used for the Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County’s most urgent priorities as determined by its board of trustees in their sole discretion.

To Learn More or Discuss Possibilities

Please contact CAP’s Executive Director, Megan Barber, at 607-273-5072 x19 or

If you have already included CAP in your estate plan, please let us know so we can recognize you as a member of our legacy society and thank you for your generosity.

Thank you! 

Here is a list of those who gave support in 2020.


Anonymous Private Foundation
Thomas Bruce & Judith Pratt **
Cornell University
Ithaca College (sponsor for Spring Writes Literary Festival)
Tompkins County Trust Company (sponsor for CAP ArtSpace)

$800 TO $4,999

Bousquet Holstein PLLC (sponsor for Greater Ithaca Art Trail)
CFCU Community Credit Union (sponsor for Greater Ithaca Art Trail)
M & T Bank (sponsor for Spring Writes Literary Festival)
Ithaca Marriott (sponsor for Spring Writes Literary Festival)
JMJ Fund
Odyssey Bookstore (sponsor for Spring Writes Literary Festival)
Miranda Phillips and Robert Kleinberg
Precision Filters
The Wood Office (sponsor for Greater Ithaca Art Trail)
Dennis and Elizabeth Regan
Wegman’s (sponsor for Spring Writes Literary Festival)

$100 to $799

Doug Baird
Don Barber & Rita Rosenberg
Gordon Barger
Judy Barringer
Rosemary Batt
Jim Bilinski, Ithaca Times
Susan Blumenthal & David Kreinick
Joanna Bock
Tom & Donna Bohn
Tricia Borg
Brett Bossard & Kerry Barnes
Derek & Nora Burrows
Jim & Terry Byrnes
Steve Carver
David Caughey
Elissa Cogan & Barry Chester
Caroline Cope
Margaret Corbit
Bari Doeffinger
Brian & Jodi Earle
Zillah Eisenstein
Dara Engler
Bradley Family
Fingerlakes Wealth Management (sponsor for CAP ArtSpace)
Donna Fleming
Tessa Flores
Katie & Olan Forker
Fortuna Foundation
Ritza Francois
Joyce & Daniel Frank
Donna Frankel
Martha Frommelt & David Feldshuh
Hilary & Banu Ozer Gifford
Deborah Grantham
Hardy Griffin
Harris Beach, PLLC (sponsor for CAP ArtSpace)
Mark Hartsuyker
Dede Hatch Photography
Laurel Hecht
Kathryn Henion
Gretchen Herrmann
Thomas Hirasuna
Michael Hoysic
Linda & Kenneth Jaffe
Jean Jagendorf
Jon & Mel Jensen
Shelagh Johnston & Louis Riley
Mary Kane, Concept Systems
Ileen Kaplan & Michael Maxwell
Susan Kaplan
Susan Kramer
David Kuckuk & Sheila Danko
Rachel Lampert & David Squires
Susan Larkin
Harry Littell
John & Amy Little
Perri & Michael LoPinto
Tamara Lovell & Jim Rundle
Katharyn How'd Machan
Carlton & Ann Manzano
Saoirse McClory
Julie McNairn
JEan & Daniel McPheeters
Elizabeth Mount
Diana Nathanielsz
Georgette Nicolaides
Kristina O'Connor
Barbara Page
Carol Palmer
Amy Pennick
Sue Perlgut & Michael Schaff
Jari Poulin & Robert Karpman
Amy Reading
David Ritchie
Emily Russell, The Frame Shop
Carolyn Sampson
John Saunders & Vicki Bogan
Sherry & Rocco Scanza
Fred and Margot Schoeps
Stefan Senders, Wide Awake Bakery
Ian Shapiro
Doug Shire
Joan Shroyer-Keno
June & Robert Silberman
Bryna & David Silbert
Allen Smith & Diane Janowski
Laurie Snyder
John & Carol Spence
Ivy Stevens-Gupta & Sachin Gupta
Charles Strohman
Werner Sun
Lynne Taetzsch
Torie Tiffany
Charlie & Nancy Trautmann
Bill Trochim & Gwenn Kudler
Karen Trotter
Jay True, True Insurance
Joanne Trutko & Christopher Carey
Lisa Tsetse & Thomas Sperry
Sarah & Stephen Wicker
Lesley Williamson & David Coester
Victoria Wilson
Christine & Stephen Zinder
Joel & Cathy Zumoff


TO $99

Mara Alper
Ben Altman
Manuela Amzallag
Mark Ashton
Ruth Aslanis
Christine Bainbridge
John Ball
Alan Bargar & Karen Schantz
Paula Bensadoun
Celia Bowers
Regi Carpenter
Carol Chernikoff
Linda Christensen
Amy Christian
Thomas Coakley
Alison Coluccio
Caroline & Gerry Cox
David & Elizabeth Cutter
Patty Davis
Jayne Demakos & Cary Joseph
Camille Doucet
Katherine Doyle
Robin Elliott
Dianne Ferriss
Yvonne Fisher
Rich Gallagher
Margaret Gallo
Jennifer Gibson
Martha Gold
Ingrid Goldman
Karen & Daniel Governanti
Sally & David Grubb
Charles Guttman & Shirley Ladd
Chris Holmes
Richard Holtz
Kathy Hopkins
John Hopper
Johanna Husband
Polly Joan
Julee Johnson
Rachel Kaufmann
Karl Kayser
Holly & Michael Kazarinoff
Meredith Keller
Christopher Kelly
Irene Komor and Lea Tohill
Kumi Korf
Laura Larson
Mark Lawrence & Jennifer Birnbaum
Richard Lightbody
Sandi & Michael Lowe
Candace Lucas
Carol Mallison
Cynthia Mannino
Terry & Randy Marcus
Fran Markover
Joe McMahon
Philip & Mary Lu McPheron
Patricia Meyers
James Miller & Chrissie Schelhas-Miller
Gerry & Viola Monaghan
Stacey & Bill Murphy
Music’s Recreation
Cara Nichols
Suzanne Onodera & Tim Merrick
Ella Ornstein
Shaianne Osterreich
Greg Page
Kristen Park
Anita Pilkerton-Plumb
Terry Plater
Jayne Port
Esther Racoosin
Nancy Ramage
Minna Resnick
Emily Rhoads Johnson
Nancy Ridenour
Marilyn Rivchin
Megan Roberts Ghirardo & Raymond Ghirardo
Mihal Ronan-Clay
Alan Rose
Jenna Rosenberg
Rita Rosenberg & Don Barber
Stephen Rovitz
Sarah Rubenstein-Gillis
Rosemary & Peter Rukavena
Gail Sakai
Marie Sanderson
Jennifer Savran Kelly
Michele Sawyer
Jennifer Sekella
Rachael Shapiro
Shoshana Shapiro
Steven Smolen
Fran Spadafora-Manzella
Mark Speiser
Jeff Spence & Lisa Harris
Elena Springett
Steven Stull
Pamela Tan  
Lesley Tillotson
Upstate Event
Jonathan VanScoy
Nancy Vieira Couto
Fred Warner
David & Susan Watkins
Debra Watkins
Susan Weisend & Eric Devin
Amy Wiemers
Elizabeth Windstein
Jessica Withers
Dave & Susan Wohlhueter
Margo Yntema
Irene Zahava & Marty Waters
Treacy Ziegler & Gary Weisman
Annie Zygarowicz

If your name has been incorrectly listed above, please contact Robin Schwartz