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Artist in Community Grant

Circus Culture

Elisa S. Keeler

  • Artist in Community Grant
  • 2021: Elisa S. Keeler will be creating a virtual choir video featuring her original music. The song features a strong message of social justice and is performed by local singers of all kinds, picked from multiple diverse choirs. The professional audio and video editing, as well as the artist’s fee, will be funded by an Artist In Community Grant. The video will be premiered online and available on YouTube.

Juan Manuel Aldape Munoz

  • Artist in Community Grant
  • 2021: Juan Manuel Aldape Munoz is a choreographer and storyteller. His latest project, Regio, uses puppetry and movement to express the story of migrant factory workers who have had to endure unsafe working conditions during the pandemic. The performance was converted to a video medium to follow COVID-19 guidelines and allow more people to safely view it. An Artist In Community Grant funded the materials needed for recording and production.
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Laura Kay Rowley

  • Illuminated Press
  • Artist in Community Grant
  • 2021: Laura Rowley is a printmaking artist whose specialty is making small editions of handmade books. Her latest project is two zines that aim to show the realities of being homeless and help those that are currently struggling with it by providing information about resources. A few hundred copies are to be made and shared around. The materials and artist’s fees will be funded by an Artist in Community Grant.
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Paulina Velazquez Solis

  • Artist in Community Grant
  • 2021: Paulina Velázquez Solís is a multimedia visual artist whose latest project is an homage to the rivers in her life. The project, “A river of all ages”, features a series of mediums including photography, drawing, and animation. From the Six Mile Creek to rivers in Mexico and Costa Rica, Paulina connects each river to herself and, in turn, to each other. The creation and production of “A river of all ages” were partially funded by an Artist In Community Grant.

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